About Us

Charisma resort is a cozy and boutique resort nestled amongst the coconut trees. Composed of 10 rooms and a dormitory that has 12 beds for backpackers and big groups. charisma beach resort sunset viewThe resort is on the white sand beach with hardly a soul to see.
Our entrance is on the highway with off-road parking. Our accommodation comprises of 10 rooms of which 5 are deluxe rooms with aircon, 2 mahogany rooms, 2 beautiful beachfront rooms and 1 standard bamboo room.

As mentioned before, our dormitory holds 12 people, we cater large groups and backpackers. Rooms are centered around a beautiful salt water pool and sun beds. charisma beach resort white sand beach viewOur restaurant serves local and international dishes, like kinilaw, chicken adobo, and pusit ( baby squid ), spaghetti bolognaise, carbonara, and Indian and Thai curry. You can get some of the coldest beer or a lovely cocktails on the island from our bar. As our restaurant is open from 7am to 9 pm, we can offer you breakfasts, lunches and Dinners.

All our fruits and vegetables are organically grown purchased from our local farmers or grown in our very own farm. Because of our farm, we can offer specials on our menu like ducks, Guinea fowl, turkeys, geese and native chicken and free range pigs and goats. These are all seasonal so sometimes we do run out.